An end to begin…

And the story begins

Most of the beginnings are not often well known. But most of the endings do have it's space flourished for a new start.

I was not yet sure of where should I commence it all with. But I was just sure that I must do. Words can't wait too long but also unfortunately the right words will find you at the wrong time.

I do not want to blame the time, yet I would want to reciprocate the acceptance of this delusional reality.

Not every story begins on a purpose. But most of them has given the better insights of questions that were left outnumbered since very long time before.

My purpose here is not something I would want to define it for now. But am sure this journey has got me something more to be looked for. An end of resistance to the most unreliable emotions give birth to the ones that define us. But how often would it work for you?

You never know.

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