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For the First Time In the History of be Indian Literature, A Trailer being Shot for a Novel !
So its all here now !
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About Book

A real life based simple solely story of a teenager with DREAMS for life and not just an another love gesture to be calm with. As we enter the virtual world with..Inconsistent Feelings..Unrealistic emotions..Undetermined hopes..Which is all overuled by the perplexion of MISTAKES! You did.I did.And we all make.The REASON.?Teenage.? Lack of maturity.?Or unaware of the pain and facts? You never know! But how long does it takes to realise the dissapeared dream? There's an answer you are seeking to.A simple tragedy. With a simple LOVE STORY. The Love for an unfulfilled dream.! Love For an unsuceeding career. Love For an unreal friendship. And Love For An Ever wanted Girl.An invisible love.. Which Rules his Destiny!! But you know..When the past and the future meets..., hazardous follows! She left! Just like your first dream career had left you...! But they have to leave, No? They don't have any choices left with rather.! And Its all fine...And..They are fine.! But..Are you? Don't you think..You are more worth than what you've been thinking you are? To all such shits you have dealt with? Well. Every question has an answer. And every Answer has a Story. This story goes as the JOUNREY of finding an answer in three different stages of life with three different PERCEPTIONS and three different SITUATIONS.. Ending up With Three different Answers for the Same Question.. while he finally succeeds finding himself nomore shattered and perplexed. But yet the Answers cannot change the facts or the reality.. yet it can heal the present into a better future. So here find your answer for yourself along the diving into the ocean of your past and swimming across the waves of memories.

About Author

Suhas Gopal

A young and an aspiring believer from Karnataka, on the verge of breaking all limited beliefs, to set a remarkable trend among the youth who also wishes to be an Entrepreneur and help the soul world with his love and passion through his words.


Right into her !

To feel the felt, and to feel the unfelt...this time, a Little Harder.


A Team of Friends all set to bring a Revolution in the Human Mankind.

Suhas Gopal
Bhavana Hassan
Meghana Kalose
Rajath ML

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